Solitaire Cube, Classic Cards App Reviews

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Cheated app and rigged

Don’t not play this game, at first I thought it was fun but after I found out it rigged, if you deposit 10 or what ever.... they will make you lose then win in 2-4 games . Then system start calculating your play. So over all all your money will zero cuz they charged on ur play $3 win $5 if you win 1 game and lost 2 games = you lost $1 Some game they are not even showing a video from your last play Do the math you guy will see what is an out come, the more you play big the more they ripped you off

Solitaire cube

I really get into it —— great game


Lots of fun!


Love this app! Fun and competitive! Can’t stop playing!

I love this game

The only problem I have is that it overheats my phone—please fix!


Love playing this...awesome!

Can’t stop

Addicting fun


Great way to enjoy a work break

Solitaire cube,classic cards

Very fun game I enjoy this game

Having lots of fun

I like this app, lots of fun

Get this App!!!


Great fun

Fun to play, even without spending real money.


Love it


It took money off of my card it’s a scam

Beware this game is rigged!!

It is designed to never let you get ahead. This game is designed to drain your account once you build it up. Don’t say you weren’t warned!



Fun app

I love playing solitaire, this app just makes it more fun.


Great lil quick games to pass the time and if you want, you can make some $$$ by dropping down a few 💵💵💵

Good cheap fun

Good cheap fun.

Cool app

Great game

Fun Competition

I'm enjoying this app!

Love it

Love that you can play for money or without! Great games

Good game.


Don’t pay money

This is a fun game!! After every game they advertise to play for cash. So I did, only to find out after I can’t play cash games cause it’s not available in my area. Absolutely ridiculous they don’t tell you until after they have your money 😡

Great game

This game is a lot of fun! Makes the time pass quickly!


I’m obsessed with this game..

Free money

Great game and free money

Solitaire cube

Awesome game!


Enjoying every min of it


Very addicting and fun

I dont know how to play

The instructions dont describe it clear enough. How the hell do you play a card you need if you can only play the top card that you drew from the 3 cards? that makes it entirely impossible.

Good at first, unfair after a testing

At first I loved this app. That said, after a few weeks I noticed a pattern that the feature of ending a game when a puzzle was unsolvable didn’t matter on your time if it was under a certain amount. I would solve the deck and end seconds before the other person recognized that fact and it would say it was a tie. That leads me to believe the actual “time bonus” isn’t accurate which denotes a jacked scoring system. When money is involved, you should really have this down to seconds and not default to a tie when there is a clear winner or loser.


It’s a fun, addicting game!


I really enjoy this game. You will too!


Great game I play it all day

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️This Game

I play solitaire just to pass time like most ppl, but with competing I can’t wait to play. This way just drives me to concentrate more and it’s exciting!

Love this app

I Love this app it’s really good it’s a challenge 👍👍👍👍👍


Game is great and legit it’s not a hoax

Fun stuff

Love this game!!!


I like it it’s a good app


Very good


It is fun even if I haven’t won money

Time flies

When your having a great time. Super fun.






I enjoy playing cards and competing with others

Loving this app

So much fun playing

Thumbs up

Love this game it’s easy and fun to play

Waste of Time

They want you to spend money to get money. I’m a decent solitaire player and most of the games I had were unsolvable / goal not reachable with the three card draw. WASTE OF TIME.

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