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Great game

Interesting and in the same time challenging!!!




I love this game!!!

Customer Service is basically obsolete

To All, I’ve been playing this game for a few months now. Only recently, I’ve been having crash/big issues. I reach out, and customer service was able to assist in a refund since the game crashed. As soon as I try to play again, the game crashes, they can’t find any “aborted” games in my history due to the crash, and now can’t refund me. Basically, they can’t help. The cherry on top of it all, they stopped responding after I told them it crashed again. NEVER PLAYING THIS GAME AGAIN. I WILL BE REPORTING THIS APP FOR STEALING MY MONEY AND REFUSING TO RESPOND TO MY LATEST MESSAGE. If you’re really smart, do not waste your time with this game. Customer service is lacking, and the games crashes often enough to not play ever again. What a waste of time, AND my money.

If You Are Good, it Pays!

Great competition. Costs are minimum but if you get hooked, it can be costly. Fun!


This game is really fun to play and I also like the bowling too.

Solitaire Cube

Love it 🌹


Its a fun game and I love it!!



It’s a great game and challenging but

You have people that must be playing on different platforms instead just on a phone because my very best score and it was only once was 3880 and there are people challenging other players that are just starting out trying to play for money in the lower brackets .42 and $1 and people who have over a thousand wins are playing against people with two wins and I just don’t see how to justify that. But the developer can’t help what true idiots are going to do and yes I’m talking to all the people that do what I just mentioned.

Love it

Great game to pass time




Really fun game to play during downtime like commutes to work or school


Didn’t believe it at first that I could win money until I played and won money not a day passes that I don’t play.

Fun app, takes a little while to get the hang of the game play

Fun app, have won $11 so far in two days. Doesn’t seem like much but I’m starting to win more consistently the more I play. Tip: start playing for small amounts like 0.42 to get the feel of the tournament play. Also don’t be in too much of a hurry to finish because you’ll make foolish mistakes which could cost you the match.

Great game!

You actually do win cash!


Fun is you like to just play solitaire but as far as money goes I can't even play the money tournaments. Says they aren't available in my area!


No issues or crashes. Fun game


Fun stuff, very addicting


Really addicting game it’s really fun to know your actually competing with people 🤗


I soooooo love this game


Love the games. Hours worth of fun, well worth the time.

More money

Please give me more money to play with

Super addicting

So much fun and so addicting

Great Game!

You’ll definitely enjoy this 😉

It’s fun

I like the game but to win any money like any other one you have to deposit and hope you win. If I’m going to do that I will just go to the casino.

Something to do

Fun to play enjoy it very much


Love playing solitaire!

Fun with competition

Great fun with competition

Very enjoyable competition


Love it!!!

This game is fabulous !


Awesome fun game


Loce it!




I need more plays

Fun App

Easy to use app, fun!

So much fun

No more words. Just super fun :)





Very entertainment game...

Very entertainment game...

Need cash

You can only play novice games unless you deposit cash.


Looked like fun, but the game play will change from time to time making it impossible to win. I played several games where there were no possible moves in the game. There are other more entertaining games out there.

Fun fun fun

This is a super fun game where you can win money. My skills are getting better every game.😁

Fun, fun, fun!

This solitaire game is great. A lot of fun. Love playing against other people.

Great games and big rewards

You have to play!


In all it’s a very good game



Love the game



A complete scam, I’ve tested this numerous times and after putting $10 in I’ve noticed that after winning a few times the game will purposely make you lose. I even tried withdrawing my winnings and it said it wasn’t allowed even though I had over $150.00 So it looks like every other free game scam, says you can earn money but when you try to claim, it’s only money in the game not in real currency.

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